Ofelia Ruiz | About me
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Ofelia Ruiz


Photo by Maite Bäckman 

Having been born in Madrid, I lived in various countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas before settling in Valencia, Spain in 2009, the year in which I began dedicating myself to my artwork with greater intensity and constancy in various studio settings.


Although I have painted in a range of styles and techniques since my youth, during the past two decades I have focused primarily on the study and creation of mandalas.  I must add that my mandalas are all created using a unique and personal technique I named “acupainting” (a term I chose for its obvious allusion to acupuncture), in which oil paint is applied to canvas using needles. My idea for this method of painting, as well as my initial design consisting of a series of concentric circles emanating from a central point on the canvas, came to me spontaneously one morning in 1995, when I was living in Sri Lanka. Even today, I do not know the real reason for these two occurrences, but, ever since then, all of my geometric creations have been painted using this same, intricate and painstaking technique, which is why my mandalas usually measure no larger than 50 X 50 centimeters. Moreover, I should mention that I use no external visual support item when creating my designs, which I draw directly on the canvas using basic tools (a compass, ruler, square and protractor), without the use of any computer program. 


“The Essence,” my first mandala, was the starting point of unceasing study and research related to the world of the mandala: Its philosophy and history across cultures, its sacred geometry, its numerology and the interpretation of its symbols. 


To conclude, my work is the result of a natural fusion between an interior vision, based on a central point, and an aesthetic intuition born of a passion for art. Without adhering to a specific artistic style, I have learned to be both teacher and student, creating my own.